Denny Lin legal practice manager

Mr. Denny Lin

Legal Practice Manager

Mr Denny Lin is a Doctor of Jurisprudence Candidate and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Recording Arts with 1st class Honours from Middlesex University, UK. He was an Associate Lecturer at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and had more than 20-years of experience in the education sector alone having taught and developed curriculum for children, teens, adults and seniors in areas including leadership, management, real estate, conveyancing, musical instruments, band training, audio engineering, music/video productions as well as performing arts.

Mr Lin was often sought to be the Executive Producer for productions and events due to his vast and diverse experience in running large scale and international events, having held diverse roles in creative, business, operations and technical areas.

Mr Lin’s other significant experiences include manging a team of professional consultants in his project management role for a $60M redevelopment/reconstruction project, immediately prior to joining the firm in 2013. He reported directly to the COO and Chairman of the Board.

Mr Lin holds a senior management position of Legal Practice Manager in Apex Law LLC and runs the day-to-day operations for the entire firm. His legal portfolio and scope covers the areas of vision and direction, leadership and mentoring, hiring of staff and lawyers, training and development of staff and lawyers, identifying business opportunities and business development, sales and marketing, finance and cash flow, profit and expenses projections, acquisition and mergers, harnessing of technology and development of automation, SOP development and implementation, and the full scope of conveyancing practice. He has expertise is in the most complex cases including properties under trust, decoupling and transfer matters.

As a visionary and fore-runner, Mr Lin is key to the firm’s successful venture into unchartered areas of practice. He harnessed technology and personally developed proprietary automation and procedures for the firm, putting the firm in pink financial heath by saving the firm millions of dollars in its course of operations.

Mr Lin is also trained in Collaborative Family Practice and is the principal point of contact for agents and clients.